Friday, 16 September 2011

A visitor to my craft room.

Hi Bloggers!

Well, I was up early this morning and made myself a cup of tea. Hugo and I wandered into my craft room at about 6.30am and he got into the dog bed under the craft table and I sat at my computer to read emails. After about 15 mins, I heard a very strange rustling noise. I did stop to listen, but assumed Hugo had found some paper, so carried on. A few minutes later I heard a peck peck noise and thought to myself, what has Hugo got now. When I turned round, he was asleep in his bed, not doing anything strange. I sat still for several minutes and heard the noise again. I could work out where it was coming from, but I couldn't see anything. I stood up and turned round and a sparrow flew from the top of my card table to the beam that runs across the roof of the room. (The room dates back to the 1500's). As I walked towards the beam he flew down onto my craft table and stayed looking at me for a few mins. He allowed me to get my camera and take a couple of photo's. He was looking straight back at me :)

Last evening, when my friend Karen left, I was stood outside the front door. We have an overhang with old roof tiles and a beam, like a porch on the front of the house. For about 18months, we have had two sparrows that come back at dusk and sleep under neath it. One must have flown into the house last night without me seeing it. When I opened the door this morning and walked towards the sparrow on my desk, he flew along the room and out of the front door. He then sat on the garden gate as if to say 'Thank you' before he flew away.

I have attached the photo's of the cheeky chappie.


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