Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Welcome to Charlie Raymond Colman!

Hi Bloggers!

Well, on 9 May 2012 I became a Grannie. My dearest Grandson was born just before 3pm weighing 10lbs and 10oz. I know that I am biased, but he is gorgeous! Congratulations to my son Greg and DIL Lucy.

I am sharing with you the card that I made for them all - I had made a few and then let my husband Tim (now known as 'gramps') choose which one we gave them.

I am all set to start a scrapbook for my grandson and I am told by others in the 'Grandparents' club that having a 'brag book' is essential - LOL

Enjoy your day - I intend to :)



  1. Big Congratulations on being a Grannie, he looks gorgeous, send my congratulations on the happy parents too

    Lots of love Winnie

    1. Thanks Winnie. Have been to see him again tonight and he is just so cute x

  2. Forgot to say what a beautiful card you made for them.